Schools' Programme

Helping Schools with key stage 2,3,4.

The schools programme has been running since 2003 and is aimed at Key Stage 2, 3, 4 pupils. It is both fun and educational and included the three main ingredients – reading – writing – maths. The initial programme was produced by Mrs Pat Mansfield (A teacher from Oxford) and Les and was the first of its kind to be produced specifically to promote fishing and wildlife conservation in the school programme. 

Fishing in Schools  

What JCA (UK) supply to pupils and teachers who attend the ‘Fishing in Schools’ is all free. JCA (UK) will provide lessons once a week for the duration of a school term. Pupils who attend lessons will receive certificates.

Pupils Packs:

A student’s notebook for course notes.

A riverside notebook for recording wildlife, fish catches and weather.

Floats, hooks, line, plummet and disgorger, for use in class and on the bank.

A number of informative leaflets from the EA, PAC.

Signed fishing books for the school library kindly donated by such people as, Bob Nudd, John Wilson, Professor Barrie Rickards, Richard Willett and a number of books from Tim Paisley (Angling Publications). 

The schools programme is running in a number of schools throughout the UK. It is now a permanent part of the school curriculum in many of them, for which we have won several ‘Investors in Education Awards’.

In addition, we assist in building an angling section in the school library. 

To find out more or to see how this could work in your school complete the enquiry form or contact Les.

BTEC Studies at Angling Projects. 

Angling in Schools. A number of schools across The UK are working with Angling Projects and Junior Coarse Angling UK. We are leading the way to getting Angling into Schools.

Lord Williams School. Thame in Oxfordshire.   

Pupils have been working towards careers in Angling and construction by doing BTEC Studies and key stages skills at Angling Projects. All pupils are under supervision, instruction and tuition working towards BTEC certification.Angling Projects is proud to be at the forefront of working in schools to help young people towards obtaining and achieving their BTEC Studies and Qualifications.

Many of the children and young people involved have gone onto colleges such as Sparshalt and to careers in Angling, Forestry, Building and Construction.

Visitors to our Centre

Metropolitan Police Youth Sections from all over London
Durham Police (D.A.C.E)
Surrey Police (Godalming)
Thames Valley Police 

Berkshire Social Services

Thames Valley Police, 

Bulmershe Youth Club
Derbyshire Police
Nottinghamshire Police
Berkshire Fire Service
De La Salle School, Liverpool
Stafford Youth Project
Claremont High School, Harrow
Prospect School, Reading
Ashcombe School, Dorking, Surrey
New Addington High School
Pontardullais Comprehensive School
Stanchester Comprehensive School
Lord William’s School, Thame Oxfordshire
Stockley Academy, West Drayton
Rainbow Trust for terminally ill children
London Borough of Hackney, East London
Bradford Social Services, Shipley
S.E.P.Y.S Youth Club, Barnsley
Corringham Youth Club, Essex
Tipton Youth Club, West Midlands
Capel Youth Club, Kent
Runcorn Youth & Community Centre
South Moore AC Youth Section
Cuckcoo Estate Youth Club
Middlesex Young Peoples Club Morecambe District Youth Club
Kent County Council, drug awareness
Surrey County Council
Scouts Groups – Luton, Hayes, Hillingdon,
Liverpool, Feltham & Bracknell
Groundwork Environment Centre, West Midlands
Environment Agency, Guildford
Bourneville Trust
Hounslow Junior Angling Club
British Airways Clubs
Second Chance Children’s Charity

Portsmouth ROYAD Surrey
C.A.S.T Educational Angling
Gorleston & Caister Junior Angling
E.S.C.A.P.E, Wakefield
Enfield Junior League AC

South Wirral High School, Liverpool

What the teachers say...

Pat Mansfield, Teaching Assistant, Lord Williams’s School, Thame. Oxfordshire.

"Junior Coarse Angling fishing in schools programme works at many levels. It has given student confidence to write letters, build self esteem and introduced them to very interesting and exciting people who are very knowledgeable and passionate about their subject. I have seen students blossom and become just as enthusiastic as the speaker and the classroom buzz with excitement".

Angus Gunn, Teacher NVQ Coordinator, Stockley Academy & East Berkshire College

The Angling Projects Lake allows us enormous potential for them to show skills and talent in concrete, wood, paint and brickwork. And it goes to a good cause too. They don’t get paid but do get treated to free fishing. Funny how a student can boast about how well they concreted a toilet in 2 hours flat… they don’t seem to do that with maths homework or my science project 

Lyn Hurst, Parent and supporter of Angling Projects, Farnham, Surrey

The children that attend Angling Projects are not only taught about fishing but also about protecting wildlife, the environment and even house keeping! My youngest, now ten, always picks up rubbish and will always complain about others leaving rubbish on the banks of the lake. 

Can we please find another one to go here please Les