Les Webber MBE


Les is the founder and main contact for Angling Projects. For over 40 years he has worked to help youngsters find a different path through angling and the outdoors. 

A Brief History

Angling Projects first came about in 1976. The Project Group’s principle aim was to educate youngsters in the art of angling, and at the  time we could only hold angling education courses on borrowed lakes and school halls.

The late Jack Ashford, a great supporter who was then the LSA manager (now known as Cemex) and he allowed the use of LSA venues for one day angling courses free of charge. In 1988, through the efforts of Terry Catliffe  (Director of RMC and Leisure Sport Ltd., now called Cemex) Angling Projects was given the use of the old Kingsmead sailing club house and lake next to  the RMC gravel workings at Wraysbury. 

After much repair (paid for out of our own pockets) and a name change to Angling Projects, we had our own facilities and started educational courses for youngsters with the support of local tackle shops who donated fishing tackle and bait. 1988 was also the year we adopted our slogan “GETS KIDS HOOKED ON FISHING NOT DRUGS OR CRIME” and started a lasting relationship with the Metropolitan and Thames Valley Police and with local schools. At first only a 100 or so children were catered for but today we have over 2,000 youngsters visiting the centre every year. They come from all over the country and have various, complicated and difficult backgrounds. Their stay can be one to seven days. 


Les is a lifelong fisherman and was awarded an MBE for his charitable work and in recognition for his contribution to angling. 

About Les Webber

Les Webber MBE. was born in Hillingdon, Middlesex in 1937.

He went to school in Uxbridge.

Les started fishing when he was 8 years old and hasn’t looked back since. An all-round angler who enjoys fishing for many species. He is equally at home fishing for big Carp and other species around the world as well as big fish here in the UK.


He is a keen conservationist as his beloved Angling Projects lake at Wraysbury shows. It was awarded this year with a Gold Accredited Fishery Award by The Institute of Fisheries Management. This is just one of many awards given to Les Webber, the founder of Angling Projects and to the water he has developed and nurtured at Wraysbury.


Over the 41 years of Angling Projects and Junior Coarse Angling UK. Les has been awarded the Seymo/Angler’s Mail “Heroes of Angling.” Golden Rod Award in April 1995.

He has been awarded numerous National Fishing Week awards including The Best Overall Performance Award in the year 2000 for the largest number of events.

In April 2006 he was awarded the coveted Countryside Alliance Welchman Award for outstanding services to the Countryside Alliance and field of Sport and Conservation which was presented by Kate Hoey. MP.