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About Les Webber MBE

Without doubt Angling Projects and Junior Coarse Angling UK. could not function without the support and co-operation of many people and organizations.
It is through their help, dedication and sponsorship that many children have had their lives changed irrevocably by simply being exposed to the delight of fishing.


The Main Team

The entire team are CRB registered and hold a CRB certificate. Most of the team also have first aid training. They are all anglers who give their time Voluntary and free of charge.


The Angling Projects Team: 

les webber

colin allan
ken allen
reg maunders
john brewer
Les Webber MBE
Colin Allen
Ken Allen
Reg Maunders
John Brewer
Richard J Willett
Angus Gunn
simon hibbert
Bill Lawrence
dennis artis
Richard Willett
Angus Gunn
Simon Hibbert
Bill Lawrence
Dennis Artis

Les Webber MBE., Ken Allen, Colin Allen, Andrew Allen, John Brewer, Bill Lawrence, Angus Gunn, Richard Edwards, Simon Hibbert, Dennis Artis, Reg Maunders, Richard Willett (Leicestershire & Midlands.) Head of Design and Production of media.

The Junior Coarse Angling UK Team:

Les Webber. MBE., Bill Lawrence, Simon Hibbert & Richard Willett.


Angling Projects and Junior Coarse Angling UK appreciate the continuing support of
TV Personalities and fishing Legends, Chris Tarrant OBE, Keith Arthur and Special
Recognition and support of the late Fred J. Taylor MBE and family. 


A special thanks to my wife Judy for her continued work and support over the last 32 years.


Les Webber MBE. Would like to acknowledge and thank:

Simon and Caroline Clark and the supporters they found for their fundraising and support. It is only with the support from people like these and the continuing
voluntary support from all the Angling Projects and JCA.UK Team that I can offer our time and facilities free of charge to all the youngsters that visit the Wraysbury Centre.



teaching angling

Angling Projects gives special thanks to the following companies and angling clubs for their continuing support:

Cemex, Prologic-Sevendsen Sports, Nutrabaits, British Airways Clubs Angling Society, Angling- Publications Ltd , Leeda, John Wilson.












All images, logos and content on this Website are the copyright of Angling Projects, Junior Coarse Angling UK. & Les Webber & Richard Willett & may not be quoted, copied or reproduced in any way without prior permission of the above.