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Aims and Objectives:

The aims of the JCA (UK) are to get children off the streets and away from drugs, crime and anti-social behaviour.
To encourage them to try fishing as an alternative.
To get more people involved in starting new junior angling clubs.
To target senior angling clubs without junior sections, community clubs and schools.
The aim is to try to increase the numbers of existing junior clubs.
To give people that are interested in starting junior clubs child protection workshop training, CRB checking offer a child protection policy, all by the courtesy of Doug Hulme, Chief Executive of the Second Chance Children’s Charity.
To help youngsters join an angling club.
By finding them a place in a club that conforms to all the child protection requirements. To give whatever assistance we can to person or persons running junior angling clubs, to encourage youngsters that have exceptional talent in angling.
To encourage youngsters to attend school and learn including changing their outlook toward school and IT staff.
By delivering a new way using angling but still including the main ingredients, reading, writing, maths and some computer skills.

How the JCA (UK)’s ‘Fishing in Schools’ programme started.

As stated above, one of our aims was to promote angling in schools. The opportunity came after a teacher from an Oxford school approached two members of the NFA about fishing in schools, and to her amazement received a negative response. While attending the NEC (Angling Show) with a group of children, she made an approach to JCA (UK) to see what they could offer. We arranged to meet at the school and discuss what format she required and what she expected to see as an end result.

With this in mind both Mrs Pat Mansfield and myself put a programme together for Key Stage 2, 3, 4 pupils which was both fun and educational and included the three main ingredients – reading – writing – maths. We would assist in building an angling section in the school library. Some of the lessons would be given by outside agencies and individual people of which all have been checked by the CRB.

The whole package was presented to the head teacher and members of staff at the school, they agreed to accept and implement it into their timetable. It is now a permanent part of the school curriculum for which we have won several ‘Investors in Education Awards.’


investors in education award 2004

investors in education award 2008
Through reports in the angling press, the word soon spread and I started receiving requests from schools in Middlesex, Somerset, Cheltenham, Birmingham, the London Boroughs of Merton and Enfield, also with a number of requests from NFA and PAA coaches to get it in their schools in their locations.
Pat Mansfield and les webber
Pat Mansfield and Les Webber at the NEC 2008 'Go Fishing Show'
how to tie pole elastic
Teaching how to elasticate a pole
les webber in the classroom
Les Webber teaching in the classroom
les webber in the classroom





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