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What JCA (UK) supply to pupils and teachers who attend the ‘Fishing in Schools’ is all free. JCA (UK) will provide lessons once a week for the duration of a school term. Pupils who attend lessons will receive certificates.

Pupils Packs:

A student’s notebook for course notes.

A riverside notebook for recording wildlife, fish catches and weather.

Floats, hooks, line, plummet and disgorger, for use in class and on the bank.

A number of informative leaflets from the EA, PAC.

Signed fishing books for the school library kindly donated by such people as, Bob Nudd, John Wilson, Professor Barrie Rickards, Richard Willett and a number of books from Tim Paisley (Angling Publications).
R Willett book

‘With hand on heart I can honestly say there are never any of these angling books left on the library shelf’.

Librarians Comments:
They either had overdue books, outstanding fines or enjoyed coming to the library during breaks to disrupt the rest of the students. However this was about to change. Once they knew the books were  available, fines were paid, overdue books returned and their attitude and behaviour in the library changed. They appeared regularly at breaks and lunchtimes to pore over the books, discuss (quietly) different baits and types of tackle and of course stories of their enormous catches.

They obviously had a brilliant time on the fishing trips and were keen to improve their knowledge (and we hope their reading skills) by looking at the books that were provided by Junior Coarse Angling. (UK).We have recently changed the availability of the books and they are now available for loan.

Fishing is a really popular subject at Lord William’s School and the books are in constant use, not only giving the students the Information they seek but changing their whole attitude to staff and other students.
Anne Wazynski
Assistant Librarian, Lord William’s School.

What do the teachers, parents and pupils say about our fishing programme?

‘I knew absolutely nothing about fishing at all, but now I have learnt a lot and become a much better fisherman, I owe that all to you. I can now cast, tackle up a rod, after lots of attempts and now my rod doesn’t get tangled every 10 seconds.
Allen Worwood, pupil at Stanchester
Community School

Conventional curriculum doesn’t suit all students, some find schools difficult. It is hoped this angling course will capture the imagination and motivation of pupils leading to improvements in skills.
Transferable to many areas of the curriculum as well as self esteem. No doubt with a course of this nature, pupils will be thinking school isn’t a bad place after all.
Comments of a Head Teacher from Oxford.



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btec students working at the site
btec students working onsite
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