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Junior Coarse Angling fishing in schools programme works at many levels. It has given student confidence to write letters, build self esteem and introduced them to very interesting and exciting people who are very knowledgeable and passionate about their subject. I have seen students blossom and become just as enthusiastic as the speaker and the classroom buzz with excitement.
Pat Mansfield, Teaching Assistant, Lord Williams’s School, Thame. Oxfordshire.

The Angling Projects Lake allows us enormous potential for them to show skills and talent in concrete, wood, paint and brickwork. And it goes to a good cause too. They don’t get paid but do get treated to free fishing. Funny how a student can boast about how well they concreted a toilet in 2 hours flat… they don’t seem to do that with maths homework or my science project! It’s great that years later it’s still there to be seen, everything at college is temporary; my students would rather do a day of voluntary work at the lake than any other activity except sport. We had an incident over the use of the photocopier to copy photos of brickwork to take home to show mum… that makes me smile.
Angus Gunn, Teacher NVQ Coordinator, Stockley Academy & East Berkshire College

I have a lot to thank Les Webber for; he not only took my eldest son ‘under his wing’ but gave me the incentive to put something back into our sport of fishing by holding junior fish-ins. Matthew went on a trip to Ireland with Angling Projects 12 years ago, since then he has never looked back with regards to his fishing.

The children that attend Angling Projects are not only taught about fishing but also about protecting wildlife, the environment and even house keeping! My youngest, now ten, always picks up rubbish and will always complain about others leaving rubbish on the banks of the lake.

Now Junior Coarse Angling (UK) has taken angling into the classroom hundreds of other children will benefit from all the knowledge taught them.
Lyn Hurst, Parent, (Farnham, Surrey)         


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