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Angling Projects aims and achievements.
To make kids aware of the dangers of taking or handling drugs of any kind.
To Achieve This
By giving youngsters an alternative and enjoyable environment that fosters a reflective view of their lives, gentle persuasion of the dangers of drug abuse and by getting them to write about their fears and aspirations.
To reach a greater number of children at risk.
To Achieve This
By close association with police youth projects and community run special needs groups.
To get more children interested in fishing and conservation.
To Achieve This
To run one-day beginners’ courses for groups of youngsters between the ages of 6 – 16.
To teach a few basic domestic skills.
To Achieve This
To give youngsters task responsibilities, whether it is cleaning, washing-up or cooking, at the centre.

“When I cast my mind back to the late 1940’s and early 50’s I never heard the words ‘Car Crime or Drugs’ and
can reflect on how lucky I was to be raised in those days. Now you cannot escape those headlines as today’s
children are born into a culture of drugs, crime and
violence. It was through my love for fishing that I saw a way of reaching those children most at risk.”
Les Webber MBE. (Angling Projects Founder).               

“Its when you see the smile on the faces of a child with their first ever fish that the true benefit of Angling Projects has to offer hits home. That the chance to change a child’s outlook on life to the better is a gift of immense value especially to those children that have no concept of normal behaviour, in the majority of cases a visit to Angling Projects is the only opportunity they have to escape a life of violence, crime and drugs, if only for a few days.”
David Harris
“Its hard to put a price on the work that Angling Projects does with the children. It’s not just a bit of fun, kids come away having learned the pleasure of sitting still for a while and at the same time, taking responsibility for themselves. It’s a pity there aren’t more places like Angling Projects and more anglers like Les Webber to run them”
Chris Price (Head of PE, Pontardullais
Comprehensive School, West Glamorgan)
Its impossible to over-value the importance of Les Webber’s Angling Projects in Wraysbury to the kids I take there . PC Harry Walsh-Jones (Metropolitan Police, Barking and Dagenham Youth and Community Unit, Essex.   








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