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About Les Webber MBE

Les Webber would like to thank Mrs Mansfield, TA, Mr M Spencer, the head and his deputy Mr D Wybron of Lord Williams School for being the first school to have confidence in his ‘Fishing in Schools’ programme in March 2004, and to all the other schools that have since made our ‘Fishing in Schools’ programme a permanent part of their school curriculum.

I would also like to thank the  following people, without whose help the programme would not have been such a success.

Andy Went, Chris Bell and Shane Hume from the Environment Agency.
Doug Hume – Second Chance Children’s Charity.
John Synnuck – Pike Anglers Club.

Viv Shears – Sparsholt College.

Sue Stringer – Cemex Angling

Bill Lawrence and Simon Hibbert – British Airways
clubs Angling Society.

Chris Summers – Leeda Tackle

Gareth Whittingham – Svendson Sports/Prologic.
Tim Paisley – Angling Publications.

In addition I would like to thank all the patrons of JCA (UK) for having the confidence in me, and a special thank you to all the angling clubs that have joined JCA (UK)

Les Webber.
Head & Founder Member of Angling Projects & JCA (UK).


Les Webber. MBE. Being presented with the award for: INVESTORS IN EDUCATION 2008.
Left: Mr David Wymbron. (Head of Lord William’s School Thame. Oxford.)
 Centre: Les Webber. MBE.
Far Right: Mr Chris Des Forges. Head of Commercial Division, Brooks University Oxford.





Investors in education award 2008
Roach head by Richard J Willett  
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